Sunday, 12 July 2015

#19 dream a little dream

Dream A Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher

I will start off by saying that im obsessed with Giovanna's writing, ive devoured everything she has written. I was so excited that i pre-ordered this and had very very high hopes for it! 

The story follows a recent dumpee Sarah who is living life awaiting eevrything to fall in place, she is still friends with her ex which is slowing rippng her apart, she has a lot of pressure from her mother to get her life together and she hates her job. When she begins dreaming about a mysterious hunk from her past she soon decides that she'd rather be asleep, when said hunk turns up in real life chaos ensues.

I enjoyed the writing as ever, its witty, quirky and fun. The main thing i didnt enjoy about this book was the characters, i couldnt gel with them at all. In every other Giovanna masterpiece ive fallen in love with the characters right away but not in this book :( i thought Nat, Lexie and Carly? (i might be getting that last name wrong, i just cant remember) the boys were equally as dull. I enjoyed reading about Sarah's experiences at work, those were very life-like and believable. Sarah's family life was also very relateable and really added to the context of the story.

I found the ending a bit lifeless, in every other book ive not wanted it to end but i had high hopes that they ending would be phenomenal and would completely change my mind on the whole thing but it didnt. 

A few plot twists i predicted but didnt happen:

  • Dan would re-form feelings for Sarah and would leave Lexie for her which would ultimately form the last half of the story in which the group of friends are jilted and taking sides. That would have been good.
  • Sarah would get really drunk and destroy Dan and Lexies wedding.
  • Sarah would throw herself at Dan and beg that he take her back
  • All in all, i did enjoy this due to the writing but i was left a little deflated as i hyped it so much in my mind!