Saturday, 30 June 2018

#50 LIES by TM Logan

LIES by TM Logan

Firstly thank you so much to Net galley for this free e-book in exchange for an honest review.

I enjoyed this story for a few reasons, the first and main one was SO many twists. I just love when you cant predict an ending and i really didn't call this one. Secondly, it is set in the UK and thats a rarity in thrillers so for me it was much more relatable and thirdly and most importantly i just love mystery type thrillers!

Ok, so this story follows Joe and Mel lynch a seemingly happily married couple that share a 4 year old boy together. When Joe walks in on his wife arguing with Ben Delaney who is Mels best friends husband the seeds of doubt form in Joes mind and he sets out to uncover the truth. When Ben goes missing Joe is prime suspect in his disappearance and must uncover the truth before the police arrest him for something he didnt do.

Bens wife Beth and 14 year old daughter Alice are also good side characters, i usually find side characters in books a bit meh but these 2 were introduced well and added to the plot without taking it over.

I found that the story had a nice flow to it and was a really fast read, it was descriptive which i like and the story was believable. Sometimes thrillers can be a bit outlandish and take the twists too far but in this book they were subtle and it was nice to see the story develop chapter by chapter!

All in all i really enjoyed it and would like to check out more of the authors work!

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

#49 After the End

After The End by Amy Plum

This book came out in 2014 so i'm a tiny bit late jumping on the bandwagon considering its been on my TBR for 4 years! Im a sucker for a post apocalyptic/dystopian type book. I think 4 years ago i would have enjoyed it a lot more but it was still pretty good!

Ok, so this story follows both Juneau and Miles in inter-changing chapters which i usually enjoy as its always nice to have more than one voice especially in YA.

Juneau as the name would suggest is from the wilderness of Alaska where she lives with her 'clan', shes been kept in a small clan under the pretence that the world is in ruins after world war 3 and there is no civilisation other than there own. Juneau has been raised to believe that some members of her clan Juneau included can 'read' and 'conjure' which is basically the ability to perform spiritual magic.

Miles in true YA contrast form lives a privileged life in L.A. where he is destined for Yale, his father is the owner of a large pharmaceutical firm  that believe a new drug for anti ageing exists within a clan in Alaska, they set out to hunt down Juneau as they believe she is the key to this new drug that will potentially make them millions.

Juneau and Miles cross paths when Miles decides to try and steal Juneau to impress his father but as he meets her and then begins travelling with her he is convinced that his father is wrong about her and that she is not the girl he is looking for. Throughout the story Juneau unravels a lot of lies about her clan and the world she thought she knew which conflicts her thoughts. Who should she believe? Should she continue her quest to find her kidnapped clan?

I didnt realise that this book was part of a duology, i realised towards the end when the story was no where near resolved. I cant see what more will happen that would warrant a whole other book but i will pick it up at some point to satisfy my curiosity.

My main criticism of this book is that there was no need for the romance between Juneau and Miles, there arent enough YA books with no romance element in my opinion. It didnt add anything to the story really and took it down a star rating.