Tuesday, 17 March 2015

#9 Salt and Stone Book Review

Salt & Stone (Fire & Flood Book 2)

This is the much anticipated second book from the Fire & Flood trilogy. The book is YA dystopian and action packed. I know a lot of people dislike these books as they have been likened to The Hunger Games and i can somewhat agree that the concept of The Brimstone Bleed is very similar to The Hunger Games but i like that they are similar as i enjoyed reading The Hunger Games and if that has somewhat inspired this book then great, i can read something similar with new characters,

Following on from the first installment which contained the first two obstacles of The Brimstone Bleed, Salt & Stone offers us the last two obstacles, the ocean challenge and the frost challenge. 

Tella, our main protagonist is beyond annoying and ive heard many people critisise this book as they find her too whiny. That is not my problem with her, i found her to be very realistic. As i once was a seventeen year old girl i can assert that she has the same attitude as most of us had at that age, she over-thinks everything especially when it comes to boys and she moans a lot about what our male protagonist Guy thinks of her but didnt we all at that age. Yes i agree that she is there to win the competition and obtain the cure so that her brother can live but shes still a teenager and allowances should be made for that. 

We also have an introduction of a few new characters as well as their pandoras. The first new character is the mysterious Cotton, a young handsome man who is described as 'in his 20's' at first i was getting love triangle vibes, the main thing i hate in YA is love triangles but alas one did not form, hes still a dark horse but for many other reasons and i dont want to give away spoilers in this review. We also have a new female character, Willow who is a young girl similar in age to existing character Olivia, which provides some nice comparisons of the two.

This sequel is just as action packed as its predecessor and with that comes deaths and even more plot twists. The book is left in such a way that definitely requires a sequel and ive read online that Victoria Scott has plans to write one but it is up to the publishers to pick it up. Fingers crossed.

I gave this one 4 out of 5 star on Goodreads.

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