Saturday, 9 May 2015

#15 The testing

The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau

Well this was basically The Hunger Games regurgitated. Usually when i hear that two books are similar i will always give it a chance to prove me wrong but this was pretty much the same story. This story follows Cia and Tomas, two really annoying characters with very little redeemable qualities. 

The testing involves a dystopian society that only picks certain individuals from each colony to take part in a contest known as 'The Testing. They must complete several tasks. The last task is to trek through the wilderness to find the base camp whilst the other contestants try to kill you in order to narrow down the competition. Sound familiar?

At first i really enjoyed it, the first 150 pages were interesting but after that it was just like re-reading a crap version of The Hunger Games. The romance in this book was so similar to Katniss and Peta that it made me roll my eyes constantly. There was the same element if survival that brought them together and the same she saves him then he saves her bullshit. I had to skim the last 100 pages as i was at risk of not finishing.

I really wanted to enjoy this as it has been on my TBR for ages but there are just so many other books that have similar feels to The Hunger Games but they dont outright copy the exact same story like this did. Fire and Flood by Victoria Scott is a perfect example, it has the same elements but the story is separate and unique. Read that instead of this. trust me! Im about 99% sure that i wont be picking up the sequel to this or the 3rd book either for that matter, it just doesnt interest me at all.

2 Stars :/

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