Wednesday, 2 September 2015

#20 The Carrie Diaries

The Carrie Diaries By Candace Bushnell

Ok so i picked this up for the cover as lets face it...! I also really liked the show and thought heck why not.

This follows Carrie Bradshaw, a character we all know and love (i cant even begin to tell you how many times ive re-watched SATC and both movies) so i jumped at the chance to read about Carrie before she made it to the big apple!

Im not going to lie i was hoping this would be fantastic but it massively let me down, maybe because there was no Miranda, Charlotte or Samantha so Lali, Maggie and Walt didnt really cut it. As i was reading it it just felt massively YA which i guess i should of expected as they are teenagers but it was a shock to my system. Sebastian was no Mr Big ill tell you that much! 

The plot was semi interesting, i found myself being really hooked in for 2 or 3 capters and then skimming the next few chapters. I eventually gave up about 270 pages which according to goodreads is about 60% or so. 

When i googled the book i found two interested tibits that i was not aware of 1) this is a series? god forbid what she has to write about next as this was so dull i dont see why anyone would want to read on... and 2) this has been made into a series! upon further research it actually looks really good and the guy who plays Sebastian is HOT and the girl who plays Carrie looks legit, might be worth checking out!

All in all, not my best book of the year so far! i ended up giving it a 2 star rating.

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