Wednesday, 10 May 2017

#42 Snot Girl

Snot Girl by Bryan Lee O'Malley

The newest graphic novel from the epic artist that brought up Scott Pilgrim and Seconds. If you like his art style you will love this as it follows the same aesthetic. I was a but worried as 'Snot Girl' looked a bit strange as a concept and something i probably would have dismissed from seeing it on the shelf. Alas i received this as a birthday gift so obviously gave it a go.

Snot Girl follows Lottie Price a fashion blogger who suffers from allergies hence the name Snot Girl. The plot follows her online life and how this differs to who she is in real life away from her online presence. Lottie is highly insecure which doesnt align with her confident image that she portrays on her blog. Her insecurities are made worse by her constant allergies which cause excessive snot.

The highlights of this graphic novel for me is that its very funny, well written and a unique art style. I enjoyed the story line as it was different from any other Image graphic novel i have read. Lottie is a strange protagonist but theres something very vulnerable and likeable about her. Shes quite quirky with her style and bright green hair. I enjoyed the cliff hanger ending which made me want to pick up the next volume asap. It has a similar feel to Scott Pilgrim which was the first graphic novel i ever read and will always have a place in my heart, the similar feel made me love it immediately.

The main downfalls are the lack of character development, the only real character in this is Lottie. She has a few 'friends' but they are bland and whilst reading you dont even pay much attention to them, i would probably struggle to even name any of them and i only finished this 1 hour ago, they are completely forgettable.

All in all this was really good and i would recommend to anyone who enjoys image comics.

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