Thursday, 19 February 2015

#4 Book Review- The Night Circus

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

On first impressions i was a little worried by how many pages there were, over 500 so pretty chunky. I always worry when books are over 400 pages as i find it very difficult to stay captivated until the end. I shouldnt of worried, from the first 3 pages i knew i was going to love this book. The writing alone was phenomenal.

This book is exactly what it says on the tin per se, it is about a circus that opens only at night. Each chapter follows a different character, some are circus attendees and some are the circus acts. There are some interesting side plots outside of the main circus story. Personally my favourite chapters followed Baileys story, i found him to be a very complex and interesting character.

Ive always had a slight fear of the circus from when i was a young child but this book made me want to go. Morgenstern has a very unique ability of setting the scene so beautifully but at the same time not over doing it. I wanted to instantly read everything she had every written, i was prepared to throw all my money at her for a few more hours of amazement. Alas, this is her only book *sigh*

I dont want to say too much as i want this review to remain as spoiler free as possible. I would recommend
this for the writing style alone but its also a great twist on the typical fantasy story plots that follow dragons, fairies and vampires. This book is so much more than i was expecting and definitely worth picking up.

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