Saturday, 20 June 2015

#17 Heist Society

Heist Society By Ally Carter

This isnt my usual taste in books but its been on my TBR on goodreads from the firth few months of having an account which was about 5 or 6 years ago now! Ive been slowly trying to work my way through that TBR list but i was a teenager when i added most of those books and my tastes have changed dramatically since then.

This book was a remarkably fast read for me, almost all in one sitting and i havent achieved that in a while. The story follows Kat, a young teen whose family are involved in worldwide heists, mainly of famous paintings. Kat tries to start a new life at boarding school but that all comes to a halt when she is framed by an old friend and fellow crook Hale and shortly there after she is kicked out and she goes back to rejoin her criminal family. 

When a powerful mafia type guy has a painting stolen Kat's dad a notorious thief is the first in the firing line of suspects. Kat vows to help him by finding out who stole the painting and getting it back. 

This story is insanely fast paced but not as action packed as you would suspect, the character development is lacking but maybe im expecting too much from a teen novel? I remeber read Ally Carter's other series 'The Gallagher Girls' i believe and it was much of the same, i was a lot younger then and remember enjoying them quite a lot. 

I did enjoy this but wont be continuing on with the next book as the story isnt what im normally into and it lacked in plot and development.

I gave this 3 star as it was so fast paced and i read it in almost one sitting, that was the main thing i liked about it.

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