Sunday, 21 June 2015

#18 Annie on my mind

Annie On My Mind By Nancy Garden

I cannot believe this book was published in 1992, i was 2 years old then and to be quite honest not much LGBT YA books have emerged since then, dont get me wrong there are many and ive read most but none are as intricate, beautifully written and as heart wrenching as this one is. 

The story follows Liza and Annie to young 17 yr olds who fall in love. They are not only believable as characters but they are real and you are with them all the way. The setting is New York, one girl goes to a rough public school whilst the other goes to a conservative private school but this isnt a story about class in the usual sense that we focus on the rougher school and how this has its affects on a teen lesbian and her relationship, rather its the other way round how a conservative public school can cast judgement and inflict pain and judgement onto this relationship.

Throughout you get to see snippets from a letter Liza is writing to Annie but you never know the full story around the letter until later in the story. i enjoyed the way things unfolded and thought it was very gripping, i didnt want to put it down and i was very sad to finish it. That ending was also perfect.

This book keeps my faith in YA alive, ive constantly worried that im growing out of the genre but this little gem reminded me that there are still a few undiscovered treasures. I highly recommend this one. 

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